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Grace Wedding Shop

Grace Wedding Shop

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Wedding Salon "Grace" 18 years admires his skill. Their dress - true works of art, called "Haute couture". This is really a "high sewing" handmade painting on fabric, embroidery with beads and crystals, fine lace appliques.

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It's the nuances that make their wedding and evening dresses in fabulous outfits, dressed in that every girl feels a real lady, princess, queen: Therefore, the salon "Grace" is called copyright.

Here all the gowns are made exclusively in a single copy. Creativity of the collective Atelier in the implementation of fresh ideas always reflected in the creation of interesting collections, award diplomas and many shows and competitions. In the competition, "Ball of Natasha," a new collection created by masters Salon "Grace" was awarded highest honors. First place, with the award statuettes "Nick", the jury awarded wedding salon "Grace" in the categories of graduation and wedding dresses.

For the overall collection and the best design work in both team categories Salon has been awarded the highest prize - the "Grand Prix" of the festival! Such a high score collection is not accidental and is well deserved.... Bride - Свадебный салон Грация - Украина Кривой Рог. Пошив свадебных платьев. Прокат свадебных платьев. Bride Russian - Кривой Рог.  


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Свадебный салон Грация - пошив и прокат свадебных платьев.
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Свадебный салон Грация, г.Кривой Рог, пр-т Гагарина, 30